Store Supervisor (Only Telecom Industry Experience) jobs in Xad Technologies in Abu Dhabi , Dubai , Sharjah – United Arab Emirates

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Vision Statement
To be one of the top leading regional companies known for services, trust and innovative solutions in Telecom, IT Networks, and Security Solutions

Mission Statements

To be the first choice of stakeholders by providing desired solutions and services.

To introduce innovative sol
utions in Telecom, IT Networks, Communication and Security Sectors to the UAE and Regional Industry.

To promote research culture and contribute to the development of the country and the region.

Value Statements


We value innovative, timely, efficient, solution-oriented, and cost-effective services and systems. We are committed to achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction. We provide leadership to the company in delivering proactive financial solutions and services in support of the company’s strategic plan.

Employee Focus:

We are committed to the success of our employees as they are our most valuable resource.


We value the contribution our staff makes in achieving our mission and we support and encourage teamwork and personal development to ensure a high level of competence, expertise, and satisfaction.


We provide services in an honest, ethical, open, courteous, caring and concerned manner, respecting all people and the free exchange of ideas.


We practice sound financial management and are committed to ensuring the efficient and effective use of Company resources.


We communicate with our investors, partners, staff and internally to manage expectations and assure the highest levels of satisfaction. We actively seek partnership opportunities and solicit employee and customer input and respond to their concerns.

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