Security Analyst Job For 1-3 Year Exp In Team Hunt Hr Solutions Mumbai, Mumbai City, Navi Mumbai, Thane – 3157402

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Security Analyst
Job Description
• Complete Knowledge on Web application VAPT.
• Complete Knowledge on Mobile application VAPT
• Should be able to create reports with proof of Concept
• Monitoring security access
• Conducting security assessments through vulnerability testing and risk analysis
• Performing both internal and external security audits
• Analyzing security breaches to identify the root cause
• Continuously updating the company’s incident response and disaster recovery plans
• Verifying the security of third-party vendors and collaborating with them to meet security requirements
• Ethical hacking aims to expose weak points and identify potential threats so that the organization can protect itself from malicious hackers. This includes penetration testing during which an analyst will test networks, computers, web-based applications, and other systems to detect exploitable vulnerabilities.
• Intrusion prevention involves monitoring network traffic to detect potential threats and then responding to these threats promptly.
• Incident response manages the negative effects of an attack or breach, from minimizing the impact to altering security controls for future prevention.
• Computer forensics aids in the prevention of crime through the collection, analysis, and reporting of data. It also enables an analyst to create evidence in the event of a breach.
• Reverse engineering allows an analyst to comprehend why a piece of software does what it does so that he/she can patch a bug or analyze malware.
In addition, security analysts are expected to have expertise in cyber security, firewalls, network security, information assurance, Linux, UNIX, security information and event management (SIEM), application security, security engineering, and security architecture. They must also keep up with the latest trends in cyber security.

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