Sales Officer Job For 1-6 Year Exp In Shelby Management Solutions Bengaluru / Bangalore – 608877

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Position/ Frontline Officers
 Achieve the dealer-wise /customer-wise sales volume targets
 Achieve Product-wise sales volume targets
 Monitor the pro-rata sales
 Stock monitoring at Dealer’s/Sub-dealer’s point and book orders for their stock replenishment.
 Identify and reporting major and minor projects
 Follow-up and collect the payments as per collection norms
 Match sale value versus collection value and maintain the sale within credit limits
 Achieve ‘credit days’ target
 Maintain ‘zero creepage’ into over 180days.
 Securitization: ensure complete compliance to securitization norms
 To ensure nil cheque bouncing
Network Management/ Market
Development  Identify and appoint prospective dealers/ sub-dealers in unrepresented/ weak markets to increase market spread
 Communicate to dealers regarding approved schemes and ensure qualification of all dealers
 Maintain a personal touch with dealers by attending to all major functions/ events in respective markets
 Attend to dealership grievance, if any, and visit such dealers along with Area Head and submit report
 Secure exclusive dealers from encroachment by competitors
 Achieve daily call norms of Dealers, Sub-dealers, Customers and Influencers
 Assess the potential of the dealers for improving counter share
Brand Promotion:
Brand visibility:
 ensure physical display of merchandising/ POPs/ Dealer Boards/ Dealer certificates/ test certificates/ product pamphlets at all the Dealer/ Sub-dealer outlets
 identify vantage points for wall painting and shops
 Ensure proper display of wall paintings and hoardings and the faded ones are defaced or done up.
 Assist MACE team in customer conversions and other activities of MACE team in his area.
 Coordinate and conduct approved contact programs.
Customer Services/ Logistics
 Depot management/ depot maintenance: coordinate with depot staff and C&F for timely supplies
 Follow-up with transporters and CDS for timely delivery.
 Plan order booking as per the allocation to different factories in coordination with C&F and respective CDS
 Handle and minimize pending orders by proper clubbing of orders of contiguity areas.
 Report issues of short delivery to Accounts and Area head
 Report any feedback/ complaints received with respect to product, packaging or other services
 Report any transport service deficiency
System Discipline:
 Distributing the commercial documents (tax invoice, statement of accounts) and collecting their acknowledgement
 Collect and submit any statutory forms relating to sales
 compile and submit the data / acknowledgements for settlement of schemes
 Submit DCRs, TE bills etc in a timely manner
 Ensure zero halting of lorries
 Carry out any liaison activities required from time to time
 Prompt filing of FIR for diversions and reconciliation of statement of accounts with customers/ dealers.
Market Intelligence/MIS:
 Develop, maintain and update the market profile of the concerned territory
 Establish reliable information source to obtain market information
 Competitor activities: obtain information on arrivals, promotional schemes, pricing, benefits etc.
 To assist MACE in compiling Specifier/ Influencer data base
 Report cases of brand conversion seek technical /commercial assistance for reversion Price management:
 Monitor and maintain prices at nominated levels in wholesale and retail markets

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