Pipeline Engineer jobs in Mph Technical Servicesmph in Doha – Qatar

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Work Location : Doha, Qatar

Duration : 6 Months

Work Status : Resident

Job Specification:

> The requirement is to provide conceptual, basic, FEED and detailed engineering & design of sub-sea, onshore pipelines including associated facilities and stress analysis based on International codes & standards related to green field projects as well as modification and restoration of existing facilities in petroleum and natural gas related industries.

It is a mandatory requirement to have sound experience in the work environment as mentioned above and must have the following :

• Thorough knowledge of International codes like PD 8010, ASME B 31.4, B 31.8, ISO & DNV Pipeline codes, ASME / API Standards, NACE and other international codes & standards for sub-sea, on-shore pipelines & associated facilities.

• Stress analysis (static and dynamic) for onshore and offshore pipelines. Thorough experience on software like CAESAR-II is required.

• Pipeline mechanical design & associated calculations like wall thickness, sizing, material selection and optimisation, route selection and optimization etc.

• Pipeline On-bottom stability calculation, crossing analysis/design, free span analysis & correction, concrete thickness optimization (using classical 2D, 3D and Veritec methods), riser/spool analysis, lifting & installation analysis, tie-in design/analysis, cathodic protection design, shore approach design, pipeline risk assessment, dropped object protection studies, pigging philosophy etc.

• Preparation and review of pipeline drawings / documents / calculations.

• Preparation and review of material and construction specifications, material requisitions, technical bid evaluation. Checking/supervision of drawings, Estimation for proposals etc.

• Preparation and review of technical specifications, data sheets, scope of work, design basis etc. as necessary for placement of orders for EPIC contractors.

• Onshore / Offshore Site survey and preparation of Site Survey Reports.

• Man-hour estimate & control, planning & scheduling.

• Supervision of team of Engineers/Designers and provide necessary guidance.

• Good written & oral communication skills of English language as necessary for performing the above tasks, for technical reporting and Coordination with inter-disciplines/clients/vendors/contractors.

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