Mechanical Technician jobs in Queenex Group in Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates

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• General electrical systems and controls (motor starters, lighting circuits, power distribution equipment, industrial controls)

• Variable speed AC & DC drives, and motors

• Process instrumentation and control (transmitters, control valves, control loops, & DCS)

• Process variable monitoring and control (temperature pressure, flow, pH, etc.)

• Rigging and setting of heavy equipment and machinery

• Precision alignment of equipment and machinery

• Installation and repair of centrifugal process pumps

• Installation and maintenance of mechanical seals

• Installation and repair of mechanical drives, speed reducers, clutches, etc.

• Installation and repair of belt, drag, screw, and other mechanical conveyor systems

• Installation and repair of hydraulic systems and components

• Setting and alignment of large electrical motors

• Installation, repair, and alignment of rotary and centrifugal compressors

• Installation, repair, and alignment of boiler feedwater pumps

• Installation, repair, and alignment of steam turbines and drives

• Installation and repair of agitators and mixers

• Maintenance of high and low-pressure steam systems

• Installation and repair of shafts, bearing fits, etc. (light to moderate machining)

• Boring couplings, cutting keyways, etc.

• Heating and cutting with an oxy-acetyl torch, including cutting bearings from shafts

• Maintenance repair welding using arc, MIG, and/or TIG processes

• Installation and repair of process piping systems, valves, supports, etc.

• Troubleshooting skills including use of drawings, diagrams, and manuals

• Preventive and predictive maintenance on critical equipment

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