Infomation Security Specialist/ Cybersecurity Officer jobs in 360 HR Partners in Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates

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A UHNW Client based in Abu Dhabi is looking to hire (name of the role) with the below skills to join their team.

Jobe Role: Infomation security specialist/ Cybersecurity Officer

The Information security Specialist monitors the organization’s IT system to look for threats to security, establish protocols for identifying and neutralizing threats and maintain updated anti-virus software to block threats. Search for vulnerabilities and risks in hardware and software. Manage and monitor any attacks and intrusions.

This position is responsible for establishing and maintaining a corporate-wide information security management program to ensure that information assets are adequately protected.

Auditing the correctness of the systems software used by continuous monitoring and continuous auditing and by using the tools in the audit records and reports.

Communicate with suppliers and subcontractors as needed to provide the necessary security protection for programs or systems.

Reform, amend, and control programs and systems and solve related security issues and problems.

Define security requirements to upgrade and update new systems, tools, and devices.

Prepare security settings for systems and programs and ensure all security arrangements.

Managing changes, updates, improvements and migrating systems and programs.

Monitor operating systems and live environments in terms of notifications, notifications, errors and records of security incidents.

Monitor performance and ensure that existing systems are security acceptable.

Observing and following up suspicious activities in networks, systems, applications, and everything related to them, and reporting to the Director of Administration.

Follow up with regular backups and disaster prevention procedures to keep systems operating in the event of security breaches.

Prepare specifications, security technology requirements, and alternative solutions as needed.

Oversee changes and ensure that consistency, compatibility and system integrity are not damaged.

Examine the systems, identify any malfunction, and execute the work and operational orders as planned and documented.

Follow information security policies and procedures and the IT manual.

Monitor compliance with all information security procedures and policies and conduct periodic reviews thereof.

Prepare periodic performance reports and submit them to the Director of Administration.

Review the security structure, provide opinions on proposed designs to the director of management, and ensure that they are documented and updated.

Information/Cyber Security Qualifications / Skills:

System administration

Network security


Information security policies

On-call network troubleshooting

Firewall administration

Network protocols

Routers, hubs, and switches

Informing others

Process improvement

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