HAAD-licensed Specialist Dentists (Arabic Speaker) In Al Ain jobs in Mourany Orthodontic And General Medical Center in Al Ain – United Arab Emirates

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Mourany Orthodontic and General Medical Center invites HAAD-licensed Specialist Dentists to join our team. Please email us your CV with recent photo and scan of HAAD license to hr@moc-uae.com.

MOC has progressively introduced state-of-the-art facilities and expertise in each branch of dentistry which includes Cosmetic and Implant, Endodontics, Facial & TMJ Therapy, Laser, Orthodontics, Pediatric, Restorative and Family Dentistry.

Our Specialist Dentists must uphold MOC’s philosophy on providing high-quality oral health care services, quality patient care, work ethics, teamwork, observe good timekeeping and are responsible for their respective clinics.

• Strictly follow HAAD rules and regulations.

• Follows the highest standards of quality care as per MOC PPG.

• Provides quality patient care based on current evidence and authoritative guidance.

• Keeps track of the progress of their patients and make sure to monitor progress or recall.

• Monitors assistant’s compliance with sanitation and infection control rules and regulations.

• Ensures all Dental records are completed at the end of the appointment.

• Keeps up to date and develop their knowledge, skills, professional competence and abilities.

• Participate in activities that maintain, update their professional knowledge and skills.

• Takes charge of assigned clinic’s inventory.

• Monitors routine and corrective maintenance and care of dental instruments and equipment – ensuring the regular cleaning, daily preparation of the dental chairs, sanitation of electrical instruments are followed.

• Tracks their lab work; communicates directly with Dental Laboratory Technician regarding Lab work.

• Evaluates the performance of their assistant, provide guidance and training wherever needed in coordination with the Management

• Works closely with the Front Desk in achieving productive schedules, by continuously revising and consolidating their schedule.

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