Fitness Instructor jobs in Confidential Company in Ras Laffan – Qatar

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Development and management of a fitness testing programme for all Fire & Rescue personnel to ensure a minimum standard of fitness. Confidential records to be maintained of each individual’s fitness.

Develop & maintain a fitness training programme for each and every shift on all fire stations and deliver training sessions on a daily basis at each facility. Maintain and evaluate individual fitness level and skillset to plan reachable goals.

Plan and lead fitness training sessions to enhance the overall fitness of the crews as well as develop the peer fitness trainers so they can continue with the program on shift

Develop & maintain departmental and individual KPI’s for fitness to work with a goal of increasing overall compliance with the set standards.

Manage the fire station gymnasiums to ensure all of the equipment therein is fit for purpose, is used appropriately and safely (through training of individuals) and properly

maintained through outsourced maintenance contracts.

Motivate all staff to improve their fitness and health awareness through group and individual training sessions. Counsel and educate staff on diet, nutrition, and exercise and create workout plans tailored to individual needs. Chart and track staffs progress

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