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• FINANCIAL STRATEGY: Supporting BU FC in formulating financial strategy for BU by analyzing short term & long-term business prospects & financial standings of BU.

Analyzing past trends, internal & external factors & performing SWOT analysis to assist BU FC in giving strategic direction to the BU for upcoming years.

• BUDGETING: Reviewing annual budget to report BU FC, the matters to be addressed in order to align the BU’s performance with the devised business strategy

• FINANCIAL REPORTING: Establishing robust & relevant reporting mechanism (using ERP) to support BU FC in timely & accurate decision making.

Monthly financial analysis to identify & highlight areas to BU FC that require immediate management attention due to weak controls and anticipated cost overrun.

• MONITORING & CONTROL: Review of project budget, project’s latest forecast, to report BU FC the areas where cost is likely to overrun.

Support BU FC in ensuring the application of budgetary, internal controls compliance and documentary requirements over the procurement process.

Review of project trial to identify areas requiring adjustment including advances, IR/GR, security deposits, sales taxes etc.

• BID ANALYSIS: Assisting BU FC in performance of SWOT analysis during bid evaluation process.

Supplementing BU FC by exploring the actual results of similar nature project to compare with the bid figures so as to highlight any discrepancy due to recent modernization in laws & regulations, inflation, currency exchange rate etc. to avoid any off beam future impact on Organization’s profitability.

• CASH FLOW MANAGEMENT: Assist BU FC to manage working capital by reporting the projected inflows & outflows.

Communicate with clients to ensure timely inflows as per terms of the contract so as to maintain positive cash flow of the project.

• MANAGING PEOPLE: Set individual targets, manage, develop & motivate staff & demonstrate leadership by suggesting & implementing improvements in complex internal procedures to ensure effective and efficient utilization of organization’s resources.

Directing & convincing other departments towards improved controls & adhering to company policies & procedures.

Be up-to date and have broad know-how of the industry to lead the team in right direction to support the organization’s vision & mission.


Report balance cost to complete every project well in time.

Conduct audit & get statutory reports

Prepare and submit project budget to CFO for financial review and authorization by CEO before start of project execution.


Compare and report on budgeted versus actual figures for each project on monthly basis.

Maintenance of accounting records and ensuring financial reporting of project as per best practices

Control and monitor BA establishment expenditures in accordance with budgeted comparison and achieve self-reliance in funding from existing projects resources.

Preparation of project budget approval.


To closely monitor funds movement by focusing on timely generation of invoices, follow up and chasing of receivables and administering payables

To facilitate smooth operation of future and existing projects while keeping financial charges at minimum


To improve financial reporting documentation of systems for better internal control as per company policies and procedures for control

Be proactive and raise flag immediately on violations and bypass of systems

Be aware and monitor risks and communicate to CFO and BA Head

Keep checks and strict control on expenses and verify the sources; if doubtful


To monitor & suggest corrective measure Head BA, in order to control projects within budgeted limits with respect to cost, profitability, revenue generation and general monthly cash flows

To prepare, implement and update monthly cash flows in each BA and identify the reasons of variation from budget.

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