Estimation Director jobs in Urbacon Trading Contracting Llc in Doha – Qatar

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Job Summary:

The Estimation Director oversees and effectively manage the estimation resources to facilitate the development of appropriate deal strategies, solution, commercial models and delivery/service management plan. Plans, coordinates and directs the estimating functions, including staffing, work assignments, salary and performance reviews, etc. Develops and implements all department standards and procedures, and is responsible for review of all final estimates packages to ensure accuracy and completeness.

Principal Accountabilities:

Creates functional strategies and specific objectives for the sub-function and develops budgets/policies/procedures to support the functional infrastructure.

Leads design, implement, and evaluate the estimation programs/initiatives that norms facilitate the professional development and continuous learning of employees in the entire group.

Provides executive review and approval of all project estimates.

Essential Function:

-Ensures coordination between the Estimation Department and other department effectively.

-Leads in the development of Estimating norms in line with the industry practical standard and productivity using CCS software.

-Ensures the Estimate adequacy and sufficiently and the competitiveness of the others and provide input for the budget monitoring and control.

-Ensures to carries out and checks of estimate norms vs actually achieved productivity and projects expenditures.

-Ensures the quality of the Technical proposals contents to be in line with the company standards and client requirements.

-Checking and ensuring that the team’s output is of the highest professional standard and quality as per the ISO guidelines.

-Participates in the preparation of the pre-bid agreements (joint ventures/consortium) and its negotiation processes.

-Coordinating the work of subordinate staff and working effectively with other departmental managers to ensure effective completion of work and achievement of departmental targets.

-Ensures the adequacy and accuracy of the proposal’s technical feasibility and commercial terms, including price levels.

-Oversees the operation of obtaining major material and subcontractor’ quotations, received in response to requests, to ensure requirements are met and make final selection.

-Leads in recruiting and selecting fully competent & effective staff to ensure that personnel requirements of the functional area are met.

-Takes part in the negotiating process with clients, partners & other third parties in order to achieve the best commercial outcome.

-Reviewing and finalization of Bid proposals.

-Review contracts and consult with contract division, Insurance and other departments.

-Review with the Estimation Manager the proposals input and presentation to the tender board.

-Prepare verify and recommend risk assessments.

-Managing and accessing risk areas / elements in close consultations with legal and tax advisors as well as financial and insurance officers.

-Ensures to facilitate world-wide travel to conduct face-to-face meetings and negotiations with clients and partners and client clarification meetings.

-Implements estimating policy, procedures, and systems consistent with the company mission and competitive practices.

-Develops a standardized estimation program to create consistency of our service offerings to ensure exceptional client experiences.

-Ensure guiding Estimators / Estimating QS’s in the Preparation and Distribution of Subcontractor’s “RFQ” Letters and update with tender bulletin and addenda.

-Directs correspondences with Client/ Consultant and raise “RFC’s/RFI’s” as applicable.

-Manages Bid Review Meetings with tender team on periodical basis and registering their progress.

-Ensures identification of Potential Subcontractors and Suppliers likely to be involved in particular Project and build Vendors data base.

-Appraises overall accuracy of estimates and recommends contingencies for estimates

-Oversees analysis of past and current performance on projects to establish standards for all future estimates to create a proprietary historical cost database.

-Effectively manage the estimation resources to facilitate the development of appropriate deal strategies, solution, and service architectures, commercial models and delivery/service management plans.

-Ensures that guidelines, policies and procedures are established and implemented for various types of estimates.

-Reviews the Rate Analysis prepared by the Estimator’s in (Construction Computer Software) CCS / Excel, including the related Nominated Subcontractor’s, Provisional sums, Prime cost items – if any.

-Assists the Chief Estimation and Tendering Officer with an independent assessment of an estimate’s accuracy (upon completion of the estimate and summarization of all detailed man-hours, material, etc.).

-Maintains familiarity with estimating and cost engineering developments and activities outside the company and assesses their significance, suggesting application to company business where warranted.

-Identifies and assesses improvement opportunities that will add value.

-Reviews the variable estimating factors in each area with Engineering Operations, Procurement and Construction.

-Review and advice for the Budgets in CCS for Ongoing Projects with Estimators & QS and seek Management approval.

-Directs cost estimates on proposals, projects and studies and ensure that the content of the estimate is complete, accurate and meets the requirements of the estimate or project plan.

-Plans, coordinates, reviews, verifies and analyzes all aspects of estimates and estimate presentation.

-Responsible for directing, training and developing subordinates.

-Helps in the maintenance of the Company estimating database.

-Recommends detailed estimating procedures and techniques to be utilized in the development of the estimate.

-Assists in planning and development of the necessary formal training programs to maintain and improve estimating techniques, procedures and capabilities for both new and experienced personnel.

-Maintains an adequate level of personnel, with appropriate levels of skills and training, to staff on-going estimating activities.

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