E&M And Generator Technicians jobs in BATCO Telecom & IT Solutions in Riyadh – Saudi Arabia

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Job Summary:

EM technician is responsible for maintaining the functionalities of the network elements distributed throughout the

Maintenance region, he will be assigned within agreed minimum – correction times when faults occurs. He will be involved directly in the Corrective and Preventive Maintenance of EM equipment Indoor and or Outdoor.

Duties and Responsibilities in Details:

Executive and Technical Duties

• EM technician must be capable to perform the daily work routine in an orderly manner.

• He should maintain cooperative and professional relationship with the other departments. This includes all levels of management and representatives from the organization.

• He must have the ability to identify and resolve any technical issues in Electro & mechanical equipment. This includes troubleshooting for hardware, software or electronic problems.

• He must be focus on the issues assigned to him and should understand information and probable solutions that are presented.

• Network fault trouble-shooting and corrective events maintenance activities required on site.

• Equipment covered is all service affecting equipment’s such as DC System, MDBs, Main Supply, Generators, ATS, HVACs, BATBs, and all its ancillaries.

• He should carry out to rectify a service affecting fault directly or by making a temporary fix.

• Prepare Preventive Maintenance plans and seek approval from the Coordinators

• Ensure PAT is conducted according to the approved standards.

• Ability to use Test equipments related to EM Parts.

• Ability to read and follow detailed work order.

• Perform Quality Assurance task based on specific installation checklist per Customer requirement

• Providing information with respect to the Project activities (PMR, CMR, SIR)

• Specifying Consumables, tools and test equipment required in the project activities

• Report any abnormalities at sites that not identified by Customer

• Can work as per requirement in field maintenance

• Working mostly in the Indoor/Outdoor Unit

• Securing team safety

• Securing the company assets on the daily work

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