CCTV Operator jobs in Confidential Company in Dubai – United Arab Emirates

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• Access to the CCTV control room is restricted to the staff and only authorized personnel or visitor approved by the General Manager or security manager only.

• Operator of CCTV control room must meet the highest standard probity.

• CCTV control room surveillance system is to help prevent crime, detect and anti -social behavior.

• CCTV & CCTV Operator to help reduce the fear of crime.

• CCTV Operator is to help provide evidence and to detect any criminalities surrounded.

• CCTV personnel are not allowed to use the camera in any private area for viewing.

• Any related to CCTV footage, CCTV operator must keep the file and secure the document.

• CCTV operator is not allowed to disclose any information about the system of surveillance.

• CCTV is to help safe environment for our internal guest, external guest or people living in and working in.

• CCTV control room is the asset of local authority.

• CCTV room is restricted because access information, may see the sensitive image or reading the confidential report.

• Footage of CCTV in any incident happened can released only to police, lawyer for the defense of the client or member of public defending themselves in court and must be noted by the security manager before released.

• CCTV system use access permit viewing rights or operational used of CCTV system can only be authorized by the security manager.

• CCTV system is to help ensure fast, effective response in emergency situations.

• Ensure the system is secured and only viewed by authorized personnel only.

• Operator of CCTV should inform the security supervisor or security manager before doing the necessity of footages.

• Anyone requesting for transmitting device of footages should take approval from security supervisor or security manager.

• Report to duty at the designated property at the time specified by the duty roster and take over duty from the relieving guard after making an entry in the OB. You will also take over all keys equipments / items, in good condition, belonging to Security from the relieving guard.

• Hand held radios, telephones, torches, ANPR System, CCTV systems should be used with proper care and maintenance and any defects should be reported to the Security Supervisor immediately.

• Issue / take over keys as per instructions issued for the property, making necessary entries in the key register. If Master key is being used, ensure the necessary “Master Key Permission” forms are filled or make entries in the “Master Key Control Form”.

• Patrol the property in common areas, car parking areas, basements, stairways, playground / swimming pool areas, and making hourly O.B. entries.

• All incidents, observations or any security related matters should be followed up and entered in OB with full details and report should be sent to the Security Managers Office. Any observed maintenance work should be reported to the Maintenance Supervisor.

• Prepare and issue Gate Passes for all Company assets and or items removed from Property / Locations, with copies of FC’s according to the laid down procedure for the respective property. Check all bags or other items of staff going off duty.

• Check all fire exits on all floors every two hours to ensure that they are not blocked. Do not allow cleaning contractors to keep their equipment in or near fire exits. Make sure that all fire doors are kept in closed positions. Check all cabinets housing fire hoses and make sure that they can be opened easily. Do not allow anything other than fire fighting equipments to be kept inside fire cabinets. Check all portable fire extinguishers and make sure that they are in good condition to be used in an emergency.

• Read and be familiar with all fire emergency and evacuation procedures as detailed in the “Emergency Procedures Manuals” established for property. In case of a fire emergency follow such procedures and call Civil Defense, Police or Ambulance Services as and when necessary.

• Control visitors, vendors, food delivery persons, as per the laid down procedures for the respective property. Ensure that persons do not enter the building / property for purposes of begging, distributing leaflets, to collect or ask for charity etc;

• Maintain control of the parking areas of the building and ensure that tenants, Guests park their vehicles in an orderly manner without causing obstructions. Ensure that unauthorized vehicles are not parked in our car parks and report such vehicles to the Security Supervisor immediately.

• Work with courtesy, harmony and in co-operation with your superiors, subordinates, colleagues, with staff from other departments and any person or persons that you may come in to contact while on duty.

• High standard of personal department should be maintained while on duty, with clean uniforms worn in proper manner, with polished shoes and with properly trimmed / cut hair, moustaches or beards.

• While on duty, your conduct should be one of dignified and proper manner as not to bring disrepute in any form to the Company. Smoking, chewing gum, eating or drinking in public areas must not be done while on duty.

• Critical contact lists (Fire Brigade, Police, Hospitals etc.,) should be kept at workplace and should be reviewed regularly.

• Call police or fire department in cases of emergency, such as fire or presence of unauthorized persons.

• Answer alarms and investigate.

• You must follow and abide by all laws of UAE, all policies, procedures as stipulated by the Managements of Arenco and to follow all amendments additions to this job description or any other instructions, assignments or responsibilities that may be issued by the Management from time to time

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